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I ordered some Postpartum products from Herbaluna. The items were shipped quickly and all correspondence was friendly and professional. The products were high-quality at an affordable price, which can't be beat! I'll be back for more! ~April B.

The eczema salve helped save my children's cheeks from the harsh winter weather here in Northern Wisconsin. My children had cheeks that were cracking and dry no matter what I applied. After using the Herbaluna Exzema Salve their cheeks regained their healthy glow - and it smells so GOOD! The Herbaluna Lip Balm helped my chapped lips heal and it wasn't too heavy feeling for this non-makeup wearing woman! ~Shana M.

The Postpartum Bottom Spray should be called Miracle Bottom Spray. IT WORKS. And not just for postpartum issues. I have hormonal problems and persistent "feminine" issues like itching and burning, and the spray has put a complete stop to them. I can NOT say enough about this spray. It even helped my son's poison ivy rash!! ~Angela J.

I have two toddlers with eczema issues. I hate to resort to the prescription stuff so I am constantly searching for more gentle solutions. The Herbaluna salve is excellent. The consistency is perfect--I feel like it stays put so much better than a lotion would. The scent is soothing and gentle and best of all--the stuff actually works! ~Nisha C.

I absolutely love the wipe solution. I had quite a few samples of different soap bits I had gathered here and there with all my cloth diaper shopping. I didn't care for any of them. Not only were they a pain to mix, but just didn't work as well. And yours feels best on the skin too ... And your bug spray was absolutely amazing!!! We all LOVED it - it worked great, smelled great, and lasted a long time. I didn't get bit by a mosquito not ONCE while out side the entire summer! ~Jaime G.
It (Eczema Salve) seems to be helping my Dermatitis herpetiformis. I put the cream on them, and it helped the itching, and the redness around the bump, and reduced the size ... I've tried so many things to help with the itching and the scaley dry skin that forms around the bumps, NOTHING has worked. Your stuff is working!! ~Sarah T.
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