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    Traditional Herb Lore

    Plants have been used for food, healing and magic since ancient times. Our ancestors knew the power of plants and utilized them for food, life and longevity. You don’t have to believe in magic to benefit from the power of herbs. The turning of the seasons, the dance of dandelion seeds on the air, dew sparkling on roses; all of these are magical to me. I’m listing some herbs here – certainly not all of them – with some of their traditional folklore uses. This list is a reference point and for informational and entertainment purposes only. I am not including any of my own opinions, advice, or recommendations that you use any…

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    Herbal Companion Planting

    Like humans and animals, plants love harmonious companionship! There are many plants (flowers, vegetables, herbs) which possess the ability to encourage or inhibit the growth of neighboring plants. One way they accomplish this is by attracting or repelling harmful or beneficial insects (sort of like a garden soap opera). Some plants, especially herbs, act as natural insect repellents. They confuse insects with strong odors that mask the scent of the intended host plants. Dill and basil planted among tomatoes can protect from tomato hornworms. They can also regulate sun/shade, provide structural support, alter soil structure, and nutrient content, and inhibit weed growth ¹. “Natural plant associations” are groups of plants that occur and…

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    Lunar Planting Calender

    Under revision! Please check back soon. The gravitational, magnetic force of the moon affects everything that that contains water, including the ocean tides, vegetation, and the human body, which is made up of about 70% water. Think about it: It is a scientific fact that tides are mainly caused by the moon’s gravity. Human “tides” are not measurable, and science and folklore have never been good bedfellows. Be your own judge. Conduct your own experiments. We are all connected to nature; the moon, sun, stars, the universe. There is much to be gained from a kind, sensitive, natural approach to life and the mark we leave here. This is not religion or a…