Moon Names

Month Moon Name Meaning
JanuraryWolf Moon Time for family and togetherness.
February Snow Moon Symbolizes the power of purity, innocence and joy.
March Worm Moon
or Seed Moon
Time to shake off winter’s inertia and become active.
Coincides with the time of year when earthworms begin to emerge from the thawing soils.
April Pink Moon or
Hare Moon
A fertile time; time to be productive.
May Dyad Moon or
Full Flower
One of the most powerful moons of the year; a good time to finish projects.
June Strawberry or
Mead Moon
Time for transformation and change.
July Wort
or Buck Moon
Time for personal spiritual harvest
August Sturgeon or
Barley Moon
Time to remember the cycle of the year and reflect on our place in the universe.
September Wine, Corn,
or Harvest Moon
Time to be still; listen to your spirit and your inner wisdom.  
October Hunter, Harvest,
or Blood Moon
The moon of the hunt; symbolizes a time to thank and honor the animals.
November Beaver Moon Time to slow down, contemplate, and regroup.
December Oak, Cold, or
Long Night Moon
Symbolizes the male aspect of the divinity and the natural flow between the mundane and spiritual worlds.